Sunday School Director

Karen North

Karen grew up at Westland Heights. She was saved and baptized here when she was 9 years old. Karen lived next door to the church; her Mom and Dad always made sure she and her sisters, went to Sunday School. Occasionally her Mom would go with them. Karen married her “grade school” sweetheart in 1966.

Kenneth was a Christian and also grew up in Westland Heights. In 1972, they attended a James Robinson crusade held at Brewer High School. God spoke to her at that time and she began to question her salvation. Karen tried to ignore God, but she soon realized she wasn’t saved, but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone. During a revival that was held at our church in 1973, she asked Christ into her heart. He gave her the courage to walk down front of the church and ask for prayer. With God’s guidance it was much easier than Karen had anticipated and everyone was loving and waiting with open arms.

Karen wanted to be baptized again. There were several people saved during this revival, but the church did not have a baptistery, so they were baptized at Benbrook Lake. This is why she does what she does today as Sunday School Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. Karen loves children and wants every one of them to come to know Christ and accept Him as their savior.

  July 2021  
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